Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Where Has Time Gone

I can't believe time has gone by so fast. The first few years were a blur. I remember bits and pieces, wishing I was not so stressed, scared, or depressed and would have enjoyed her more. (Like all Moms desererve!) Our family had a rough start. I woke up a while back and realized our relationship needed to change. Less Stress and More Fun. We are going to enjoy life, together.

Lately my daughter has been doing a few things that make me laugh. I don't want to forget these funny things. I thought I would share them. Her inner comedian has really started coming out! I allow her to be herself and to enjoy life as much as she can. Boy, does she remind me of myself. I wish some of my family could meet her. She has Grandma Beaver's attitude and CSM Beaver's death stare. She is in to making funny faces, just to make me laugh.  These are the faces I see! Tonight she shared a few for the camera.
She also loves cheese pizza! I'm glad my bird found something she likes to eat. Cold is the best. I got this pizza free via Twitter. I tweeted and they magically sent pizza to my house. No joke. It was awesome. I thought I was Awesome. 

Somewhere she picked this "fingers in the mouth" face up! Who knows where from. I find it hilarious! Of course I tell her not to stretch her face. We will learn about wrinkles at 3.

She watches Netflix with headphones on her game and sometimes I give her a thumbs up to see if she is okay, she gives me a pointer finger up back! 
She just figured it's fingers up. Its so cute, I let it be our thing. I'll explain it to her soon.

We have a natural chef. 
She has been learning to cook. She has mastered the art of cracking eggs. Not one shell in the bowl. She has already shown me up in the kitchen. She likes cooking shows on PBS as well.

She now poses for me! She went from #HangryToHappy!
This Hangry face is the "Do not take my picture face!

Last year she did this face for all pictures!
Or this...
(Hi Daddy)

Or this...
With a "NO"!

One day she decided to be my helper. We tried last year to win Sparkling Ice for a year! Sadie turned in to my superstar. I will have to make a blog just about the contests I enter.
If you haven't figured it out we help bring in an income by entering contests. It has funded two Christmas's and her birthday. It is a way to make ends meet and stay home with my precious baby girl. I would not want her to be with anyone but me!

We buy all her shoes, clothes, and gifts with gift cards I (Mom) wins. It is the only thing I can do to help our family as I stay home with Sadie and make it through the millions of dollars we still owe  on her birth. That's why I end this post asking for a little help.

We are in the running for a local Mother's Day Contest. 
You do have to register one time to begin. 
Ten Votes per email/device per day. 
We really need help getting back into third place. 

We can return any favor, just email us, contact us on social media, text me, sent a letter via the Pony Express. Whatever you may need just ask. 
All votes are greatly appreciated. 

Vote For Me - Mother's Day Look Alike Contest 

10 votes per day!

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