Beaver Beginnings

I have lived everywhere and am from nowhere, spending my entire life, going where the Army sent my Dad. I am a proud and true Army Brat. I have lived in 2 countries, along the border of Mexico, and nine states. My parents are both from South Eastern Pennsylvania, that is where I claim to be "from". But I'm really just a misfit.

I am married to my high school sweet heart who was an Army Brat as well. I went from Prom dress to......
(Heidelberg Castle, June 2000

....Wedding Dress!
(June, 2007, Fox Run Park, CO)

We have a  million dollar baby, A NICU warrior who is a true miracle. Born at 33 weeks and weighing 3 lbs, 6 oz. Her lowest weight being 3 lbs. She spent 35 days in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. 
My daughter at 2 weeks. Earning the nickname "smooshface" from this constant face. I love this photo. She has a feeding tube in her nose and oxygen to help her breath. 

My husband is an Avid Angler (fly-fishing) and I am a full time Wife and Mom addicted to thrift stores, product reviews, food, and all the good things in life.

Follow us and our 2 crazy dogs as we live life in the Southern Colorado Rockies.

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