Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day - Everyday

Mother's Day - Celebrate Everyday

Four years ago, I was pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. I knew I loved her from the moment, I couldn't believe the three positive pregnancy tests! I was over the moon excited to meet her! I would dream about her all the time and wake up crying with happiness. (I would of said Joy, but now that sounds like I would wake up crying with my friend, so I have to watch my language. Ha.)

During my pregnancy my sister in law was a Junior at Palmer High School, who just happened to be taking Early Childhood Development. For one (1) day she had to wear a strap on belly. We met for lunch and got a picture of our bellies touching. It was so funny. We had lots of stares. I wonder if they thought my belly was strap on and hers was real. However, her belly was big! I remember sticking my belly out more to catch up some! Her belly was heavy and was hard on her breathing, especially walking to the restaurant during lunch. Good thing it was all down hill and I could give her a ride back. The greatest part of her assignment is that even boys were issued baby bellies. 

 The following week my sister in law received a digital baby that cried and you had to treat it like a real baby.  It needed to be fed, cuddled, rocked, and changed. Night number one it woke up once. But by night number two, like a real baby, it cried almost all night long. She tried rocking it in its car seat with one had as she laid in bed. It still would not stop crying. Eventually she put it in the hallway where luckily her mother watched the baby because she was on the verge of tears! No sleep is not fun by day two. I remember she slept in late that day because two days with lack of sleep is no fun. Welcome to MOM LIFE. No wonder she doesn't want children now or ever. The doll worked. However, she will change her mind in 10 years. If you're reading this Dani, I Love You! You always will be my "kid"! However, If someone thought she was my kid now, I would feel so old! 
It was really awesome we experienced this together. Once during my pregnancy we were all out to eat as a Family and Danielle said "Gee, I'm only one person" and gladly I added "I'm two!!" I found it hilarious. I can't believe I found the moment to say that and WAS two people. Being two is amazing. 

I was sick my entire pregnancy and had a million worries yet I LOVED being pregnant. I'd be pregnant forever. I know now why some women secretly have a ton of kids for the pure fact they love being pregnant. My Sadie belly was really cute. I knew I was having a girl the entire time. I would rub my belly and sing, "Sadie, Momma's baby girl"!

Being a Mother is the most rewarding job I have ever received. It has crazy hours, you get lots of over time and you never get a vacation. However you will get out of it what you put in to it. If you put nothing into motherhood, do not be surprised, you bore a drop out ingrate. If you put in a lot to motherhood, you may just end up with an amazing trumpet player with a college scholarship. It is no different than a plant, if you do not water it or give it sun, it will wither away. Some plants, regardless of how well we take care of them, will turn into a weed, not a flower. You may have a weed in your family. We love them and know that they came from the same seeds we did. So nothing stops us from loving them.

Motherhood is a long crazy ride that never lets you off. God blessed me with the cutest, funniest, loving little girl. I'd do it all a million times again! There is no price tag on love. Mother's Day is really a day to love on our kids more and be thankful for the blessings we have been given. Our children our a gift, not a promise. Treasure every moment with them. Teach them to grow into their own little personalities. One day my daughter will need a husband and I hope she finds a nice young man whose Mom loves him and did right by him, just as I do for her.
(I tell Sadie she is betrothed. She watches the Lion Kind enough, one day she will figure it out. I would love her to find a great boy from a great family. Like this cutie cowboy she is standing with above. I would love to be part of their family, for real. HaHa!
Is it silly I already think about her getting married and worry she will pick the right young man?)

My first Mother's Day when I was pregnant, (by the way motherhood begins in your heart, not your uterus) I saw a charm in an ad and really wanted it. I woke up and asked Martin if we could go buy it. I tried hinting and cutting it out, hanging in on the fridge. Yet, nothing clicked. So I just had to ask for it. It was a silver and rose gold heart with a mother holding her baby daughter on the inside. To me this is what my heart felt like and longed for. It perfectly described what my heart was longing for.

I promised to wear the necklace till she was born. Little did I know that  promise would change to keeping it on till she came home, a long 35 days later.
(Here you see I pushed it over to have some kangaroo care time.)

Even today, On Mothers Day, I am sick as can be, yet never get a moment "off". Not that I want off, maybe just a small nap. (I have a sinus infection and some sort of head cold, which is why this one blog has taken 3 days to finish.) I love being with my daughter and take her everywhere with me. Even when I am offered a moment off, I usually do not except since she is my heart and I suffer from Mom Guilt. Being a Mom is NOT a job. It does not have a time clock. It is a blessing from God. You may have to check in with him daily. Give him a run down, let God know your fears, your worries, your needs and wants. He may not give you a baby sitter but he may be able to help you get those winter boots you need.

About two January's ago it snowed and my daughter was wearing regular tennis shoes. I felt bad she did not have something protecting her ankles from the snow. I was flat broke at the time and bought a pair a Goodwill. I had to return them, for they were to big. Later that night I prayed and mentioned needing boots for my child. The boots were not the focus of my prayer, being thankful for what I do have, being a better Mother and protecting my daughter and her Daddy were my focus. The very next day I got an email from Coke stating I had a $30 credit to Zappos. It was a prize from a contest during the summer. However, to me it was a prize God delivered. For only he knew I needed boots. I had not told a soul but him.
There were two boots for kids on their website. One was exactly $30 and the shipping was free.

I do not believe those boots came from Coke, they came from Heaven. God does listen. It took me a long time to understand this. It was not till I started talking with him daily did he start answering me. I am not saying he always answers me. Sometimes he wants me to ask him about things a hundred times or more. I do now, and I never stop.  I think he wanted to show me he hears me but needed me to keep coming back to him. That is exactly what I did and my life started changing. That is a whole other Blog.

I thank the Lord for giving me these tiny feet to walk with me in his footsteps. We are learning one baby step at a time. In daily lessons to giant ones.


  1. HAHAHA! Wake up with Joy!!
    Sweetest post ever!
    Next you have to share your birth story!
    Loved it!!

    1. I have to watch my language. People may be confused. My whole five readers. LOL