Wednesday, May 25, 2016 - Make This Summer Birthday Special - Sterling Silver Heart Locket

I received this amazing opportunity to review a BEAUTIFUL Sterling Silver 2-Picture Heart Locket from Pictures On Gold! I was so excited to create this locket using their “Build Your Own Locket” technology! This is such a unique process. It is done in real time, and can be created on any Mobile Device or Desktop. It was extremely simple. I designed and ordered my heart locket right on my smartphone! My phone has all my pictures, so it made it really convenient to upload current photographs.

The very first step I took when creating my locket was to add clip art. There were so many choices. I could sit here for hours thinking of a million different ways I can design the front. I started looking in the "Mother's Day" section because I wanted something that perfectly depicts my daughter and I. This was too perfect!

Next you can upload any photo you like, starting with the left side. You have the ability to zoom in or out and make the photo larger or smaller. This process was very easy from my smart phone. I added 2 photos. One of my daughter and one of my daughter with her father. I will eventually pass the locket down to my daughter so I wanted to include her Daddy into the keepsake of this beautiful piece of jewelry. 

I decided I would put the words I sang when I was pregnant, as I patted my belly, so my daughter would know my voice. "Sadie Momma's Baby Girl" was engraved on to the back. I was able to space it out an it appeared on the locket in real time. This whole process was amazing. In 15 minutes I  designed a beautiful locket, that I just love! It will be a nice heirloom to pass down to my daughter. 

Finally, I chose the 16 inch Sterling Silver Box chain with a Lobster Claw.
I hit preview, to make sure my locket looked perfect, and submitted my order.
The locket ended up prettier than I could of ever imagine. 

The step-by-step process is so easy I am sure my Mom could design one. That is saying a lot since I am lucky she knows how to answer her smart phone.  It is so easy and fun, you should order one for yourself, your Mom, Wife, Sister, Cousin, Grandma, Friend, or Me. (Just Saying) This would make a great surprise anytime, but especially on my Birthday! 

I know A WHOLE LOT OF YOU have Birthdays in the next few months! Maybe you should email, tweet, or share this on Facebook with your husbands. Wink, Wink. 

Visit Pictures On Gold today and get started building your own sterling silver heart locket NOW! 

I received this locket free of charge in return for my honest review. 

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