Buddy the Best Dog

I'm what you would call the crazy dog lady. Not because I have a 100 dogs hoarded in my home. Not because I have two dogs that I rescued. I'm crazy because I love this guy. His name is Buddy. He is in Heaven (with my Grandma, my daughter always adds that on.)

I love this beautiful boy as if he was my flesh and blood. Once I told him I wish I could of been his real mom. That was when I was pregnant. LoL Maybe it was the hormones maybe it was just true love. Yes, I know, I would of had a puppy! Only this puppy. The bond Buddy and I had aches my heart just thinking about him. 

He was the best dog and the greatest protector. He was funny and bonded with people on real level. If you knew him you truly loved him. My heart will forever hold him dearly​.

We spoke for years how we hoped we could have a baby to get to know him. It took years to get pregnant and while our daughter was in the NICU, our dear boy was given a cancer diagnosis. It was heart breaking to be fighting for one child's life just to find out your other has been handed a death sentence. (Yes, for the record I know he was "just a dog" to some of you.) The shock of it all just dug a deeper whole in my heart. Fighting for 2 lives. 

I'm glad my daughter and Buddy did have 1.5 years together, and we spent it entirely together and enjoyed our days together.

He always laid watch. He never once got caught in her oxygen cord, not one time. 

They shared Cheerios. He never took too many. 

 They truly loved each other. "Buddy" was her 4th word and "Brother" was her 5th.

They were nicknamed brother and sister. He was so gentle he let her walk  him. He was special. Those nicknames were pretty hard to change after he passed. 

Buddy was a great friend. He was half toddler and super smart. He knew 400 plus words, lots of tricks, he could read body language, and comfort your tears. He could also make you feel very special. 

All Dogs Go To Heaven!
Till we meet again!
Rest in Peace!

2002 - 2013

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