Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Passports & Photographs

We did it. 
We applied for passports. 
We are going back to Germany. 
Did you read that? 
We are going back to Germany!!

The place I called home, met my husband, and first visited at 4 years old. My parents lived in Germany following their wedding, it was my Dad's first duty station. It is a place they hold dear to their hearts just as I do mine. My mother in law was born and raised in Germany as well as my husband. It lies deep in all our hearts. 

We got a great deal on a flight and would like our daughter to meet her extended family. It is time for her to begin the love for Deutschland, just as her Mother and Father do. She already knows it is a special place.
(The place her Mom & Dad fell in love.)

To go anywhere outside the United States you should have a passport. When you apply for a passport you have to get your photograph taken. You can do this at most post offices that process passports or your local drug store that develops film. We needed two photographs each. I'm not sure why you need 2? They only ask for one and they cost $6.50 each. Which is pricey for a tiny head shot.

Here I am at 4 years old happily posing in my passport photograph. My daughter looks much prettier, she is 4 as well. 

The upside:
We have the cutest passport photos to compare since I was able to keep the spare as a keepsake.

The downside:
I'm reminded that it has been a long time since we got had ANY family photographs together. 

So long that my daughter was half the age she is now. I promised I would not miss a year and I did. Then my brain remembers, all over again, how I'm the only married woman with no wedding pictures. Moms, sisters, best friends, cousins, and ANY wedding guest, please, I beg you, make sure the Bride has a photographer! 

I will always regret not having a photographer. Pass on the limo and get the photographer. The photographs I have are horrible. Everyone is looking at another camera. The "friend" who stepped up with his fancy camera and said he would shoot all our photographs. However, he

Not even one.
Big mistake.
Don't depend on a "friend" who lives out of state to take the  pictures of the happiest day of your life. Just don't depend on a friend at all. Hire a photographer. Take it from the girl with NO wedding albums. You can't get a do-over. No matter how hard I wish for it. It's never going to happen.

This really got me thinking. I MUST do family portraits. Passport photos should not be passed out to family. Missing a year took away my "Mom of the Year" award. I really want to earn it back.

I can only imagine what she could capture here in Colorado. If only she was nearby. I would have booked an appointment immediately. Maybe my next trip should be to Corpus Christi? I think a trip a month would be an excellent plan.

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