Monday, May 16, 2016

ARC of the Pike Peak Region, Great Finds

Thrifting has been a part of my life since I was a kid. I consider myself a "professional thrifter or picker". When I am thrifting, I mean business. Don't touch my "precious". You possibly could get hit by my cart. Not really, but I have been known to run and jump for something good.

Colorado has the best thrift stores. The ARC of the Pikes Peak Region has the best deals and amazing items! You never know what you will find. However, This is true with all Colorado ARC Thrift Stores, I have been to three in the Denver area. They help our community and those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Each day they offer a "Color of the Week"  where a specific price sticker in that color is 50% off. On a certain day of the week the ARC will add additional colors that offer the military and seniors 50% off more items, and on Saturdays everyone gets to partake in the deal. You can find more information on this amazing store by looking for the color of the week and other great information on their website

A while ago I saw a tweet from @ARCThriftStores that someone scored an original Dooney & Boorke handbag for less that $10.00. My friend Joy found one for $6.99! Major score! Maybe I should start looking at the purses a little harder. I usually focus more on toys, bedding and Christmas decorations. I have been to hundreds of thrift stores, around the country, and never found a store as amazing as the ARC!

About a year ago I found a bag of 80's Rainbow Brite dolls and other similar items. The bag was priced at $6.99. I saw this big bag stuffed full, hanging at the very end of the wall. Immediately I could tell what everything squished in there was. I could not believe my eyes. Euphoria ran through my body as I ran to grab the bag. I can see it know in my head in slow motion. Que "Chariots of Fire "! I jump over a toy on the floor, move around 3 children left there to play while their parents shop, and grab the bag. As I walk back to my cart I squeal and make Sadie give me a high five. Telling her that her Mom is so lucky and just hit the jackpot. Even though who knows whats actually in that bag. The dolls and other items are squeezed so tight I really have no idea. I cannot wait to get home to open my amazing treasure! Inside was the following Rainbow Brite items:(remember I paid $6.99 for all this)
These dolls were an amazing find and very hot vintage toys.

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