Friday, April 29, 2016

Kuerig K55

I absolutely love the Keurig K55 and use it many times daily. I go back and forth between k-cups and the refillable k-cup. I love using both. My husband loves making hot chocolate in the evening and sometimes I need a cup of coffee after dinner or late at night. Making one cup comes in so handy. The tea k-cups come in so handy when one of us is feeling under the weather.
The only set up needed was to install the water filter. After a quick installation she was ready to brew!

I received these products from Influenster complimentary for testing purposes.

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL? I have added her to the list of the top 5 things I will take with me to a deserted island. Unlimited coffee and supplies, of course are included with the Keurig. This desert island has electricity and cell service.

K-Cup Pod

Reusable K-Cup holder

Reusable K-Cup pod and holder 

 I love the ease of use and the easy transition between the k-cup holder and the re-usable k-cup. I also LOVE the removable tray so I can fit my large to-go coffee cup underneath and fill it right up.  I drink a lot of coffee and this product has changed the way I drink coffee. My old coffee make would burn the coffee after 45 minutes. Now I have a steaming cup of fresh coffee at the simple push of a button!


  1. LOL LOL!! You'd take it a desert island! That cracked me up! What an awesome freebie to try out! And since I've personally had the opportunity to enjoy coffee from your very own K55 brewer, I can say that it tastes great! (7creams5sugars) :)

    1. You are the only person I know who orders coffee right!