Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rockies Opening Week

Rockies Opening Week

We were lucky to win Coors Light Silver Seats to see the Colorado Rockies Opening Week.

It was the best weather all Spring, 65° at 7 PM is a big deal. This means a lot since we normally go from Winter right into Summer, skipping Spring completely.

We parked in the Rockies main lot for $15. Which I highly recommend, it is cheaper than the lots around the stadium. (I've paid $20 many times thinking I got a better deal, Lesson Learned). Each lot has a few shuttle stops, the shuttle will drop you right at the stadium gate. You wait only seconds, since many shuttles are in use, before one arrives to pick you up.

You can also ride a rickshaw driven by a gentleman with an Amish beard. However, I had my own Amish beard accompany me on the shuttle.
Doesn't my husband's beard look great?

As we shuffle off the shuttle I ask my husband to snap a photo of me infront of Coors Field. I thought I'd look great with the stadium behind me. However, his picture skills, turned out to look like I was standing in front of some random brick wall, completely missing the giant Coors Field sign. Thanks Honey.
I have been to a four Colorado Rockies games before, I have sat everywhere, near the score board, section 300 something, and once burned in the Rock Pile. I could not believe our seats were in section 135, fourteen rows directly behind the visitors dug out. Every step I took down the stairs, I repeated "Wow"! I can not believe how close I was going to sit! This is wear people get hit with balls and even bats. I asked my husband if he will protect me because I'm slow and am sure a ball will hit me in the face? This was our view.
We had seats 7 & 8, but no one was in seats 1-6 so we spread out a little. I could actually see the look on a batters face when he struck out. Kids were going down talking to players in between innings and balls were always tossed in the  rows around me. Foul ball after foul ball was all around me. One even went directly into a suite. It was pure madness. It was extremely exciting. My husband can be embarrassed because I'm a screamer! Hit a home run or a close call and you will hear a scream that only comes out at Baseball and Concerts. He smirks.
He and I both have loved Baseball since childhood so it made a perfect date. 
It brings out the kid in you.
Did you know the Colorado Rockies have a mascot? I didn't. His name is Dinger the Dinosaur. Hecame by and had some fun with us.
The Rockies blew away the New York Giants. It was an AMAZING game. 
I look forward to this Baseball Season and taking my daughter to her first game! 


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  2. Your husbands picture taking skills made me laugh. I feel your pain, my husband has many talents but photography is not one of them!