Thursday, October 27, 2016

WA WA What!

 Welcome to WaWa!
A gem of the Northeast.
Maybe only fat PA women think that way.
Like me.

I knew Wawa's were moving south and one popped up in Orlando earlier this year. My mom kept her local WaWa a secret. What a sweet, sweet Surprise. I probably ate more here than my entire trip to Florida.

All these signs made me feel right at home. Memories of my childhood of growing up in Phoenixville, PA.

You can say that again. 

I knew they were waiting for me. 

I wonder around getting stares as I snap photos like a tourist. Grabbing as much as my hands can carry.

This is all you need! Great tea and some amazing chips. Sometimes if I'm lucky you can find Herr's chips at the store here, but in smaller specialty flavors. I'd stop in WaWa all the time if I had one here. Instead I have a Kum & Go. Sad face. But they have fake whip cream. Happy face. 

There are self service touch screens to order sandwiches. Of course I ordered a cheesesteak made the P-A way. No onions or peppers of course. I also got fruit and a cheese filled pretzel. Which was absolutely delicious. You can even buy pretzel rolls. 

Obviously I'm not the only one drooling over a pretzel. My husband gets one and a guy (who looks as excited as me) asks where the pretzel came from. 

Of course our sandwiches were both wrong. We had to have them remade. Either way, they were yummy. I'd post a picture but I ate it so fast! 

WaWa has seats outside, in PA it is probably nice, but in Florida that's almost punishment. 

We stopped on our way to the Beach. Obviously a storm was coming, since it was out last day. Sad face. 

Not only can you get a cheesesteak, great ice tea and amazing pretzels (rolls too), you can get any TastyKake you dream of. Obviously my Mom dreams of their pies. Recently the cupcakes have become available in Colorado. However, they are just not the same. The Krimpet icing is not even good anymore. (Who agrees with me?) Yet I'll eat almost any other kind.

Of course I had to pose with this guy. Especially since I ❤ WaWa!

I thought you needed a wide view so you can see all their amazing doughnuts. 

A little piece of Pennsylvania in Florida.

Now please come out West!

Or better yet, take me to PA or FL! 


  1. Thanks for sharing Stephanie!
    Dear Wawa associates & CEO - if you by chance happen upon this blog post,please DO CONSIDER building some of your stores THROUGHOUT Southeastern North Carolina. Not EVERYONE in NC is from here,myself included. I am a military brat- I an from everywhere & nowhere. My mother is from the Philippines and my father,who is retired US Army;is a transplanted Northener. He was born in Des Plaines, Illinois & raised Ohio.

    1. So,please make your stores available - ALL OF US can try them!

  2. Sounds like a cool store! I live in the middle of NC and haven't ever been to a WAWA before! Hope I get to come across one soon!

  3. Well... I've never heard of WAWA but I'm from WaWaka! So I think I should know more about WaWa as a matter of principle. You know, you and I should both write letters to WaWa telling them how much it would mean to us if they brought a chain out to CO. Also, I already wrote a blog letter to Meijer once for the same reason but they never replied. Hmm. Love this post! I need me a steak and cheese sandwich right now!