Monday, June 20, 2016

Luau Birthday Summer Party Theme

Upon entry to my daughter's birthday you were supposed to "Get Your Luau On". However, it happen to be the hottest day of the year and no window unit in the world would beat the sun that day. Unfortunately, NO one wore a lei, since it just made thier necks sweat more. So only about 3 of us dressed up and were good sports. Hot or Not, this Mom stayed dressed up!

My sister in law made me a coconut tree. She's very artistic.

Photo Spots!
Here is a Selfie with my sister in law.

Here's my Mom's famous cake and her delicious icing. I think she needs to make me a cake. I think I'll text her. 

I made these with both fruit shaped candy and real fruit. They were a huge hit! I wish I had a side by side shot! We started eating the fruit ones before I could get a photo! The menu also consisted of beef and shrimp kabobs.

Here's the happy birthday girl! All the kids got spill proof pineapple cups. I previous washed and dried them. They were able to take them home as part of thier goodie bag. 

I took apart a few Dollars store lei's and hot glued them on a cardboard number 2 I cut out. Afterwards I hung the number in her room as a keepsake. Here's her dessert table.


A luau party is fun and simple to do. 

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