Thursday, May 4, 2017

Night Out With The Nuggets

NBA Date Night!

A few Thursdays​ ago I received a call stating I won tickets to a Denver Nuggets Game. I was pretty excited since I have not won much this year and never been to a professional basketball ball game. My husband grew up going to NBA games and seeing the greats like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. (A long time ago, my husband took an NBA towel that belonged to Michael Jordan, but without a picture, it is just a story and a towel :) 

(That's real NBA sweat, gross!)

Upon arrival it was chaos. There are many parking lots all named after Toyota cars. The closer lots are up $35. We circled around unable to find our way to any lots that were $15. My husband spotted a giant park garage right across the street and we parked there for $15. So go straight to the garage instead of circling around for hours. I think it's rigged for you to only find the expensive lots. 

Always take a picture of where you park.

We headed to Will Call to pick up our tickets. The line was massive. There are to windows. A-R and S-Z.
The split in this alphabet did not seem equal by any means. My last name begins with a B. My husband said to go in the short line with the letter of my first name and just be like "oh, I think I'm in the wrong line" while he waited in the correct line. 
I nervously​ tried. I kept looking back at him. He is 20 people away and I'm up next. Nervous, however my husband keeps slipping me the "you got this" smile. I told the guy immediately "I think I'm in the wrong line". He replies "Yes you are" with a laugh. He gets up and gets my tickets for me and tells me to "Enjoy the game". Score! 
My husband is still 15 behind in line. We headed straight to the entrance. 

On the way to Denver I joked that my seats better be row 13 or better. Like I'm some sporting event snob, more like a hard working wiener, I mean winner! I was kind of joking but guess what? 
We got row 13!! I was pretty stocked.
(Row 13 is also Rockies, Coors Silver Seats Row number.)

The Pepsi Center is very exciting. I've never attended an event there. Everything was full of energy! We headed upstairs to go find our seat. I tried getting my hubby in the picture but he's just to tall. A lady asked us if we came from a Rockies game because we had on our Rockies gear. That's how Rockies fans roll, I mean dress.  We do not own any Nuggets gear yet. I'm supposed to get 2 Jersey's​ any day now. 

Of course since I am a giant dork, I had to stop and get a picture​ with the Mascot. A mountain lion named Nugget. I figured I'd never see him so this is my one and only photo opportunity. 

Obviously Pepsi is the major sponsor here. Go figure, it is the Pepsi Center. Even the bathroom has Pepsi everywhere. I figured the faucet were Pepsi too but now I think it's just to mark hot and cold. They looked Pepsi to me. 

When wearing​ your Breckenridge Brewery shirt you must stop and grab a beer for the game. Then pose for your crazy wife. 

After getting snacks and drinks we headed to our section. And look who is waiting for us. He is actually standing at our row blocking us from getting to our seats. 

Of course I was super excited and he took a selfie with me.

Nugget then played with kids at the end of my row. He kept poking both of us with his tail. All we could do was stand there as it kept poking us. We finally had to walk away and go a few rows down to stand. I was shocked meeting Nugget but now I really just wanted to get to my seat. 

We were actually pushing it out of our face. I don't like being poked by strange mountain lions. Either does he, this is the face if a man who is tired if being poked. (Control that thing.) 

NBA games are full of excitement. Just like baseball, always keeping fans entertained and involved in the game. 

This had to be the game of the year. Even though we lost. The score was 103 to 105 with the Nuggets in the lead. Then​ Oklahoma Thunder called a timeout with 2.5 seconds on the clock. I thought "no way, this game is o-v-e-r"! Never think magic can't happen! In those last few seconds the Thunder threw a 3-point shot to win the game 106 - 105. Pretty amazing game. 

King Soopers had a flying blimp. Yet I have no clue if it was filming because the over view did not play anywhere. 

Getting a Selfie was extremely hard. The seats are so squeezed together you can barely turn around. The guy next to me was probably annoyed. Oh well. 

I should of asked the dudes behind me to take our picture. I had to take their picture because they were screaming VIP the whole time and had the signs to match. They should of painted their bellies instead  That would of been funny and kind of gross at the same time. 

One more selfie try. I really enjoyed my first NBA experience. I would definitely go again. I think my daughter would love all the excitement as well. 

I still have no desire to see an NFL game. 
I'd love season tickets again though. 


  1. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I like this one the most because of all the description and the pictures. I think the pictures added a personal touch. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading about your next adventure.